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There have been a LOT of postings on upholstery replacement, and although I think there are better options out there, I went with Copycats. I was able to change any colors I wanted within their choices without adding cost, the cost increased if I changed patterns. I will say I had several challenges with them, from taking MUCH longer than they quoted to having the rear side pieces sent back twice because they made some really dumb mistakes (although I won't bore anyone here). The best advice I can give is to make SURE you have a LOT of time out of the water before starting that project, especially if you go with them, as they may make some mistakes. And in fairness to them, they really did make everything right in the end even though a couple people I worked with are no longer there and wound up being gone mid-project for me.

I went with a hunter green, sand, and black combo with some minor blue piping and kept the same patterns as original. The colors look great with the carpet I picked, I think, and the quality of the material was very good. It's a very time-consuming project, and takes a ton of stainless staples and a hot day (to make the fabric really pliable), but I'd never done it before and figured it out. By the end of the project, I wouldn't think twice about doing it again (although PULLING all the old staples really stinks and takes a while). I would be happy to share more details about that experience if anyone wants to hear.

Biggest job was finding that the side panels were dry-rotted and again, I had to make new ones from 1/4" marine plywood, and I covered these with fiberglass resin as well so I wouldn't worry about moisture anytime soon.
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