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Originally Posted by pbgbottle View Post
quick question on the exhaust manifolds how do you remove the drain plugs .what kind of tool do you use. and in my case they look like they have never been removed .i am thinking i might have to pull the manifolds and use some heat is this a doable idea?
can i put heat to these things, i have never had them off yet and don't know what they look like on the inside .
i am the new owner of this old boat. ,i am also new to inboards . so i am learning as i go .

thanks jake
I use a 1/2" drive socket ratchet. Works perfectly. I am referring to the exhaust risers and not the exhaust manifold. I presume you are asking about these two drain plugs (1 each side).

Not much on the inside per se. Just an empty riser compartment. Remove as gently as possible, as they should back right out. The trick to these plugs is to replace the plugs in the spring with new ones using Never-Seez and pipe thread tape. Tighten ONLY to the point of hand tight (even if that is still loose) and leaking water. Leaking is what you want for the moment. Then tighten ONLY until the threaded connection stops leaking water (once you are on the lake or start the engine otherwise). STOP there. Not one more twist, turn, or snug for good luck. The manifild threads often will strip out easily from over tightening, even the slightest. I also try to use new plugs each season (at ~$2.00 each), and the Never-Seez will make removal much easier next time. I use Never-Seez on all threaded connections as well as hose connections. It keeps the hoses from sticking to the connection and makes it easier for the next time.

Next thing to consider are the exhaust hoses. If they are old, replace them. They can collapse internally and obstruct the flow of water, creating issues with cooling. Use soft wall hose from skidim. When doing this it is much easier to remove the exhaust riser to replace the new hose. If you choose to do that, order 8 new bolts and two new gaskets to reinstall the risers. Again, Never-Seez...


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