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Originally Posted by sand2snow22 View Post
You aren't going to buy any of them? I thought you were in the market?
Yes, well... I was hoping to dilute some of the boat cost amongst the family members who would be using the boat, but no one else is able to contribute. I can buy it myself, but I think that it's better at the moment to fund the investments I want to make. They will be fully funded at the end of 2012, if everything goes well. At that time I'll revisit boat buying. It's really killing me to put it off, but I think it's for the best. Many good boats in my area, but no 'drop everything and write a check' deals at the moment. I need to pull off the bike hitch and install the OEM hitch (greater towing capacity) and wiring harness on our pull rig also, so it will give me something to do over the winter. Also, my boys are 4 and 6 years old, so waiting 1-2 years just puts them closer to being able to do more things with the boat. This might also give me a chance to ride behind an X-2 next summer. I've never been on one in the water or ridden behind one. So come June/July next year I'll be begging for a few local rides.

All that said, if a boat load of money (pun intended) were to fall in my lap, I'd pick up an X-2 in a snap.
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