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Originally Posted by ahhudgins View Post
Glad to see the problem is fixed! I do find it a little odd that the dealer had no issue with the engine running at 180 degrees. As I stated, I have two different manuals for my boat and they both say that the LT-1 should be 160. You had the exact symptom that I had when I tried to run a 160 degree t-stat in place of my 142. Did they give you a discount for bringing this to their attention?
I hear you! The only thing that I can think of is that the '95 Prostar without the LT-1 runs (I believe) a 180 degree thermostat. Maybe he didn't think it through far enough when I was in looking for free advice and to buy parts.

I do know that they put a lot more than the 3 hours into troubleshooting and water testing the boat than they charged, so I guess that they did give me a discount, right? I'm going to stick with that instead of thinking about the fact that a $12 part could have saved me all my labor costs...
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