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Originally Posted by macattack View Post
Spooky: This is an interesting comment...and please don't take my responses below in the wrong way!

Why would you "totally" disagree with majority of the top water skiers in the world that are using the handle grip that correlates to which foot is forward on their ski?

I am guessing you were "dialed" in over 10 years ago, since Carl Roberge's ski school closed about that time (maybe because he didn't change his hand grip , just kidding!). I remember when I was taught to slalom a "long" time ago, the only guidance I received was to hold the ski handle using a baseball grip/whichever way was more discussion on why. I believe Thomas Moore gives a pretty good explanation in his video on the benefits of a proper grip.

I'm sure, if you are a course skier, you have noticed there have been "numerous" changes over the years in skiing techniques...slow/fast at the buoy, west coast style, pull as hard as can, light on the line, etc, etc.

This is an evolving sport, new ideas all the time. Try the new grip, it actually may improve your buoy count; it did for me! mac
no its cool. it appears my hand position is a little dated and I should try the new hand position. although I read that some pros haven't made the switch yet.

HOWEVER, hand position doesn't help the OP as he is clearly skiing flat after each turn. although he should adjust his grip to not start out with a bad habit. He clearly needs to "grip and rip it" and not be afraid of the edge
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