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Originally Posted by ctjahn View Post
Whats crazier is I have virtually the same repair on my anke (although I broke and dislocated it; so it was sticking out about 12" above where it should have been. BUT... I did it in a pretty wicked racing accident where I suffered other injuries. I am just happy to be walking without a gimp, although I know when the weather is changing now (37 years old) - no one can even tell unless my anke is showing with the MUCH larger bone sticking out

I do have a question though... I just got back on skis after a decade since the accident...and had no trouble (What a blast!). But I still havent been able to find a set of snow skis (I have gone to the dark side: Snowboarding) nor rollerblades that fit without insane pressure on the anke bone where the really long screws are..... This winters project is to remold the boots using a torch and pressure....

Family is all medical; and everyone I talk to say it is riskier to go under and go though surgery again to get all the hardware removed...

Just wondering what others have experienced with this situation. (thought I was alone!)
I was lucky it was in a binding and my ankle straightened back out immediately after it broke.

I was also told I had the option to remove the hardware but they suggested not too unless it was constantly painful. Which its not. But I did have to take some padding out of my bindings where the screws are, and my right ankle is larger than the other one and regular boots fit differently.
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