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Got a tow from another MC wake boat for a trade on surfing later n week! MC owners unite I tell ya!

Called my non-rip off mechanic from back when I lived in Idaho. He stepped me through some trouble shooting...looks like a fuel pump. From the number of hours 700 and lack of replacing the factory pump on this last service (rip off mechanics n TAHOE, they want you to break down so tow guy gets his) I am going to be able to hit Napa for the solution. There def wasn't enough pressure in the fuel line after cycling the key from off to on about 5-8 times. Should be at least 10 psi if not more, like 50 psi. When I pushed in the fuel line valve (looks like a tire air valve) barley any fuel came out. He stated it should blast out.

Gonna hit NAPA and see if it is truly the pump, simple install from the instrusction I got from WATERSKI PRO SHOP in Boise Idaho! Larry is the best I tell ya, no rip offs and he is over 1000 miles away still helping out a MC owner.

More to come...
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