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Angry Epic Fail :(

We were doing some late evening surfing and after the set, dumped the bags and headed in. We were doing 20mph all systems good, oil pressure, temp, etc, and then the engine cut out like I had throttled down. Engine light came on and beeping noise. Tried to start again, nothing. When turning the ignition, engine sounded like the safety switch below throttle was pulled off, but it was on the button. Checked fuel line and there is pressure there. Pump seems to be working, it primes when the key is turned to "on" just won't start. Checked the ECM fuses and they were ok. Any suggestion? None of the mechanics have a code reader for MC. Any way to read codes without? Could be a fuel relay possibly or ECM relay?

The paddle in with one oar on Lake Tahoe was a work out, still not at my dock, but at A dock. My seasonal tow boat insurance went down on Labor day so it's going to be 400+ to tow about 1 mile, don't want to have to do that if I can fix at current dock.

Thanks for any help!
2004 X-Star, LQ9 Caddy engine

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