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Update!!! No better - Still not able to run past 2100 RPMs.

I replaced the impeller, fuel filter, drained and cleaned the tank, checked the screen in the tank. Put the boat in the water tonight hoping that it would run normally.
- Started and warmed up the engine
- Ran great for about 10 - 15 minutes, from idle to 40 MPH.
- Temp stayed around 180, maybe a bit higher
- Oil pressure at 35 - 50 when under power, but dropped as low as 10 at idle.
- Started and stopped repeatedly. No problems.
- Stopped the boat, idled a bit, turned it off, restarted, put the throttle down gradually and the problem started again. at 2100 RPM, engine boggs down until I backed off the throttle, then I could go right back up to 2100 RPMs.
- Put the Fuel Pressure Sensor on and started up... Able to get up to speed, well past 2100 RPM. Pressure looked fine - 35 PSI at idle, 38 - 40 while going 10 - 40 MPH. After about 10 minutes, the engine started bogging down at 2100 RPMs. Fuel pressure stayed between 35 - 40, even when the engine wouldn't go through 2100 RPMs.
- Disconnected battery and let it sit for 5 minutes. Reconnected and still had the same problem.

Next up? Thinking about replacing the TPS this weekend, but that is a $50 gamble to see if that helps. The Mastercraft shop at Lake Hopatcong can take a look, spend an hour and $100 to do some diagnostics next week.

Any other ideas?

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