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Try a couple of drills.

1) on one side of the wake do repeated pull outs...start just outside of the wakes, and then lean and go way out wide, then drift back to foam. You will learn to lean harder without have to worry about the 10 or so on each side. Then ski normally.

2) Honestly, I know this sounds pointless, but it really helps...tie a short rope and handle to a tree. Work on your pulling position. Feel the difference between being stacked in a strong position and when you are out of balance and bent at the waist.

By the way..if you "pull" with your arms, you will come up off of edge. If you lean with your arms low and extended and hips up to the handle, you increase the angle of the ski (across the ski), getting more edge in the water.

You are breaking at the waist because you are pulling your arms in towards your chest (particularly on your weak side) before the turn has finished...try to ski your outside hip back to the handle. Don't pull/lean until this is completed. Then increase your lean progressively, with your hardest pull directly behind the boat. This is a little "old school', but I think you need to focus on leaning hard through the wakes to get the feeling of slicing through the wake instead of riding over it.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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