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Originally Posted by Floydage View Post
Thanks Vision,
I am not sure about the engine size, the boat is a 2002 X Star, it says Vortec on the engine. It looks like a Chevy engine, 8 cylinder. I looked around but did not see the cannister/cooler that you mentioned. Is it on the side or in back? It looks like the white stuff is coming from the front of the enigine (where the tranny is) right behind the rear seat. I do see large hoses that are there, but not sure where the cooler is. Assuming that the problem it is the cooler, is that a big repair? Do they have to pull the engine to replace it? Thanks
No, it is reasonably simple to replace on most models. Follow the cooling hoses from your transmission. On the 5.7 Indmar motors which is likely what you have, they should terminate in a heat exchanger about the size of small beer can on the starboard side of the motor. But it does vary with engine model.

Go ahead and drain and replace the transmission oil so that the water does not sit in the transmission.
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2008 X star, 2005 X2
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