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Question Gauge Problem, Gauges not working, 2002 X-star

I need some helping figuring out what is up with my gauges on my 2002 X-star. I bought the boat about 3 months ago knowing it needed a few things fixed, the fuel gauge was one of those. It did not work 90% of the time. After a little research I decided the fuel gauge sensor could be the culprit, so I replaced the fuel gauge sensor about 2 weeks ago. It seemed to work fine for about a 4 or 5 days then it went back to it's old habits of only working when it wanted make matters worse today I had the boat out and Perfect Pass suddenly quit working. I cut the boat off and when I cut it back on all of the gauges quit working. (fuel, rpm, oil pressure, volts, etc.) The only one that worked was the depth finder. We had a big rain a few days ago and even though the boat was covered on a lift it got a lot of water in it. Is it possible the rain shorted something out? I read on another post something about a MDC box? Blown fuses? Any help in figuring out what the problem is would be greatly appreciated.
2002 Mastercraft X-Star, LTR 330hp
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