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Originally Posted by tommcat View Post
here's a question for you prostar gurus. i've been told that for 99 they went to a smaller motor box to give extra interior room, is that something that could be retrofitted to my 97 to free up some room? and while on the subject, what other "newer" prostar interior parts could be fit into the older ones for an improvement? i've always wished i had the ski locker in the floor instead of the stupid cooler they put in mine, just never had the nerve to cut up my floor to try making it happen.

I have been thinking the same thing. What kind of trouble would we get into by cutting in a ski locker? The brochure showes the deck being a solid plate? The cooler is worthless. You have to cary all your stuff in a cooler to the boat then dump it in the floor to use it properly. Is it even insulated? Cant emagine the heat transfer from the motor to the cooler through the bilge. Well TOMMCAT let me know when you get the nerve to undertake the ski locker. I think the teak floor board would look great and tie in the platform for a complete package!
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