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Originally Posted by LA205 View Post
My platform was repaired by previous owner, they had the wrong angle, i made the wooden shim. now it is slightly above stock. Now it never digs into the wake. I am also using 7 ft ocean surf board I bought second hand. We can surf no ballast or if we want to use our 5'6'' liquid force board we will fill up the three trash cans. Fixing the platform angle fixed everything. I noticed your mudbug name, you must be Shreveport area, we are in Ruston, we usually goto Claibourne.

I'm in Haughton and my grand mother lives on Lake Claibourne. We are there for the holiday weekends and a few others. We spend most of our time down by the island. When not at Claibourne we are on Cross Lake in Shreveport. My name is Ronnie and my 205 is white and blue with a aftermarket tower. I also fly two 3X5 flags from the tower. Chase me down if you see me on Claibourne.
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