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Originally Posted by CiscoStu View Post
Ummm... Ever surfed before? There is very little chance of ever falling in from back there. In fact, MC has even started putting rear-facing seats back there for that exact purpose... I see guys standing on the platform all the time. May not be the smartest thing to do, but there's very little risk at 10mph.
Sorry man... wrong. MC will tell you every day and twice on sunday thats not what those seats on the 25 and 2012 X2 are for. It'll definitely get you ticketed on the lake if you try. I'm a pretty cooridinated guy, and i've had my fair share of surf sets (probably seen over a 1000 hours on the water over the last 3 years) when i've been sitting on the sunpad/seats on the 25. I've actually fallen in when i was sitting there when the driver gunned it to get the surfer up and i wasnt ready (once). I knew enough to dive down deep so i wouldnt be hit by the surfer. Also felt lightheaded from sitting back there for too long on one occasion.

Will i sit back there again? Probably. Is it a good idea? Probably not without a jacket and limited exposure.

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