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Originally Posted by CiscoStu View Post
Ummm... Ever surfed before? There is very little chance of ever falling in from back there. In fact, MC has even started putting rear-facing seats back there for that exact purpose... I see guys standing on the platform all the time. May not be the smartest thing to do, but there's very little risk at 10mph.
I'm fairly certain the transom seating is recommended for use only when the engine is off, pretty much just to hang out on. I'm also pretty sure that riding on the sundeck or transom (even in seats) is illegal, at least in TN.

From TWRA website:

"Examples of reckless operation are:

•Riding on seatbacks, gunwales, transoms or pedestal seats while above an idle speed"

Of course, laws are only as good as enforcement. And I'm not sayin I've never done it. It does create grey areas when manufacturers place seating in the transom, knowing full well it won't be used solely for its "intended purpose"
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