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Originally Posted by tommcat View Post
gator, thats the same boat i have and i'm going to be trying to get it set up for surfing for next season. couple question for you, do you run into any problems with fuel coming out the vent? and are you running any ballast in the bow to lengthen the sweet spot?

No problems with fuel so far. I noticed that the vent is underwater or getting splashed with water quite a bit. This was a bit worry-some as my friends BU had the same problem and quit running from getting water in the fuel. We moved his vent to the starboard side to fix the problem. I took out my rear seat and removed the fuel tank cover to see if I needed to move my vent line. I found that the line goes from the vent fitting on the hull then is suspended from the top of the stern fiberglass, and then travels all the way to the starboard side where it plugs into the tank. The way the tubing is routed makes it almost impossible for water to make its way into the tank. The only time I notice fuel coming out is when I am filling the tank and it sloshes out when it is full.

I have not tried putting any fat sacks up front yet. I have moved people around in the boat and haven't found a huge difference. The biggest thing is just keeping all the weight to the port side. I think removing the swim step will make a big difference though.
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