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I have a 5000 lb ShoreStation that I like. Nothing like the unlimited funds ShoreMaster shown above (I am truly jealous). The nice part about mine was that I paid a guy that had a pontoon on it $1K for it and it was only 2 years old. The only thing I had to do to it to change it over to inboard use was remove a couple of the bunks and adjust the others for my boat. Width is the other consideration you'll want to look at, mine is 110".

I don't have a canopy at this time but I am considering it. They make extensions so the tower will fit under them with the boat lifted but if you want true protection that ShoreMaster is about as good as it gets (don't forget to bring you're wallet when you order it). I've also heard a ton of good things about them from others that have them.

Not the top end solution but it works for us..........
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