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Originally Posted by kstumpenhorst View Post
That makes me feel good Thrall. Appreciate the advice. What would you use then? Go with the 49 or get something else?
I have posted my method multiple times in these gel coat restoration threads.

I have had excellent results with the following.

-3m Super Duty Compound on a wool pad with a circular polisher
-3m Finesse It II on an Orange foam power pad with a circular polisher
-Meguires Polish (Step 2 in their 3 step system) on a white foam pad using an orbital
-Your favorite 100% carnuba wax with a red foam pad using an orbital

If the oxidation is really bad start out wet sanding with 1000 grit paper then use the three steps above. Use HiGH quality pads. I use the Lake County pads from they will last many many uses with proper cleaning and storage.

Also I have a Makita BO6040 dual mode machine. Runs both random orbit and forced circular mode. The nice thing is even the circular mode has a bit of random patter which makes swirling nearly impossible even on my black vehicle.

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