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Ok, to answer some of the questions.....

the bimini rocks with the power tower. I can lower it late in the day to help with the shade. I score major points with some of the smaller crew members. Only thing I do not like is that you can't fold it up to make it disappear.

my friend that is surfing is goofy footed, but since he was the only one that was goofy on the boat at the time, he just made do....he is not bad at surfing the wrong side

yes, i did have the stock tanks full

oh yeah, i do have surf tabs and I was using them. on my boat, they really make a huge difference in what the wake looks like.

as for me wanting to try more weight....well, I am in the experimenting stage, so i am trying different things, and yes, i know that if I add weight somewhere, I have to make other adjustments. we just kept trying new things til we got something that worked for us...and it's kinda fun changing things around to see what they do.

for the guys on the other threads complaining about the wakes from surfing, well, we try to stay away from most of the other boats and docks, not only is it respectfull to do so, it also prevents your surfer from having to deal with the counter wakes from the passing boats

I hope you guys enjoyed the pics, I peronally like to see what others are doing with thier X25s. Not too many out there yet, so our pool to get good advice is smaller

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