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okay, so here is my progress thus far. I stopped by our local dealer last week to pick up my boat and asked them about this. They are still looking into the issue to give me an affirmative answer, but i did get a look at the parts diagram for the mount (they are replacing the nylon piece which broke due to the Track Vision).

The camera is braced by a semi-circular clamp and simply bolted into place. That clamp then pivots vertically to allow the camera to be adjusted up and down. With this I have come to a few conclusions:

1. The mount should work with the new camera as long as the diameters are somewhat similar
2. The wiring will need to be replaced in the upper part of the tower (the rest is an extension which i believe can be used).
3. The vertical adjustment may not be fully functional do to the new size of the camera.

I am going to wait to hear back from the dealer before i attempt an upgrade. If I do upgrade, I will be sure to take pics and upload the entire process.

Please let me know if any of you have made progress on this or have input.
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