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First, thanks for all the great responses sorry for the delay getting back to this - work has been overwhelming (I know, lame excuse...)

Originally Posted by G-Star View Post
  1. Disconnect the starboard vent line from the KGB bag.
  2. Tape an end of the new fill/drain line for the IBS to the "KGB end" of the starboard vent line with duct tape.
  3. Remove starboard bow cushion, locate starboard vent line under helm, pull line up through floor until you see the duct tape joint and the new line appear. (You may need to fiddle with the hose at the KGB end if it binds on anything.)
  4. Cut duct tape off, and connect IBS fill connector fitting (straight) to end of new hose under helm.
  5. Cut old vent line to appropriate length to be IBS vent line, and connect IBS vent connector fitting (90 degree) to freshly cut end of old vent line.
  6. Install IBS under seats. Connect fill and vent connectors.
  7. Use short chunk of old vent line and a 3/4" hose plug to plug off starboard vent line connector on the KGB.
  8. Cut the KGB fill line directly below hull drain access hole.
  9. Connect 3-way valve to KGB, IBS, and KGB pump so it diverts water from the KGB pump to either the KGB or the IBS. This makes the valve easy to access - just spin the access port open.
  10. Fill KGB. Fill IBS. Surf.
I like the simplicity of that.

If you guys want to check me, I think what I "need" to do is:

- Stargazer
- Dual 750s for the rear
- A 250lb bag for under the port passenger seat
- One other bag & a tsunami for on-seat flexibility

- The dual 750s off the built-in pumps
- The IBS with G-Star's cut-over solution for the KGB pump
- The 250lb bag under the passenger - perhaps with djkslc's starboard tank trick

Does that looks like the right list? Thanks again - can't wait to actually buy/install/use this stuff!
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