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You need to figure out why your front one is not the one pumping out the water. The lowest point on an X45 at rest is the forward bilge pump. The water spreads out when it rushes to the back, and won't be deep enough to trigger the bilge. THen when you stop, it rushes forward and triggers the forward bilge when you come off plane. At least that is how my X45 hull worked.

Both of mine decided to take a crap on me the day that I forgot the plug. Could have darn near lost the boat since I did not have that nice trickle of bilge water coming out to remind me.

If you are handy, I would run the automatic bilge wire to the battery. The geniuses at MC put it with the regular wiring. Suppose you leave your boat at the lake, you turn your perko switch to off and a big storm rolls in...the boat fills with water slowly and sinks. I have a theory that is what happened to a long time member here, although he did not say as much. Other inboard boat makers do it that way. The bilge is almost never a cause of constant draw down, so no need to worry about having it kill the battery.
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