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Prostar 190 LT-1 vs Standard TBI

Hello, I am looking for your inputs on my buying decision. I am looking for a mid 90's Prostar 190 as a replacement for our 80' Stars and Stripes. While I know the upgrade in hull will be awesome alone, I am torn on the choice between a model with the LT-1 or one with the standard 275hp TBI 1:1.5 powerslot trans. I have been told there was an option on this boat for a LT-1 with powerslot 1:1.5 trans, does anyone know how common this is to find in the used boat arena? I am a 44yr old 175lb diehard slalom and barefooter with three boys who are wakeboarders, so our boat must meet all of our needs. The powerslot is in our 80 Stars and Stripes and I want the power it produces in our next boat. I am intoxicated with the cool factor of having the LT-1 but ARE the drawbacks too great for our needs. I understand most LT-1 boats are only 1:1 trans ratios which give great top speed but less low speed qualities. An LT-1 with a 1:1.5 ratio (if available) would solve that problem but then do have cooling issues, premium fuel oct. requirements, increased repair costs, finnicky running engine concerns? I keep telling my self I need to sober up and get over the "cool" factor of the LT-1 and just find us a nice clean 190 with the standard 1:1.5 and enjoy the new wake and ride. All opinions welcome.
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