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Same boat 2002 Xstar. I have the port locker with the 50x20x20 fly high 750 instread of the hard tank. The starboard locker still has the hard tank - I don't want more than 200lbs in that locker, the boat is already too heavy in the back. I have plumbed in a 250lb sack under the passenger side long seat. It is plumbed in with a T off the starboard hard tank pump and I have an on/off valve (on when I surf to fill the passenger bag and off when filling just the hard tank for wakeboard). Then I have the integrated bow sack plumbed in nicely under the bow seats by the prvious owner with its own pump and overflow. I love the bow sack because this boat responds well to front weight. Then I fill another 250 in the bow with my tsumani pump. So what this all means is that I can get about 2000 lbs filling without anyone getting up from their seats, and I only have one bag to fill with the tsunami pump. Takes a few minutes longer to fill and drain, but I love not doing the 5 bags off Tsunami pumps thing.
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