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Dave your thread died a week ago. Everyone gave you the 2 things that you could do to improve your wake.

Option 1 change to a CNC prop 3 or 4 blade. Call Eric at OJ a prop builder, prop professional, and someone who will know every answer to all of your prop questions because he plays with props every day. Try both of them out and different pitches and diameters and cups. Someone even gave a review page of his opinions. This will make a noticeable difference. Pictures of wakes mean nothing but how smooth you ski conditions were that day. The wake change is feel not that visual. You can only be the judge of how the wake change was better or worse.

Option 2 add some weight to the front of the boat. Yes the bow sits lower but really doesn't change the wake. More people added weight to simulate a boat judge and a score keeper, not to make the wake better. Adding the weight would simulate tournament practice for skiers skiing in record tournaments.

So what's up with the attitude towards a man asking a question about wakes and skiing. How many times do you need to hear that everyone changes their prop to improve the wake or they buy a new 190 or 197. At least jconover is asking a levitate question instead of beating a dead horse over a little chine spray and a prop change.

So how did jconover kill your thread? I hate to say your thread died 7-23-11. It's time to play props and find out what you like.

Someone please give this thread CPR cause I'm not.
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