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Originally Posted by xstarondabayou View Post
I am in the processing of looking a for a new truck. I currently have an '07 Chevy Tahoe, and it struggles while pulling the star. I am looking at the Ford F250 with the diesel engine. Does anyone have any experience with this truck or similar trucks?

Keep in mind that I commute two hours total each weekday (120 miles total), and every morning before work I trailer the star to the river and back (total of 58 miles).
My first Ford F350 Diesel was amzaing, no issues ever. We towed a very big heavy boat. I sold it when I hit 150,000 miles. The second F350 Diesel is even more amazing. Its an 08, bought it new, it now has 35,000 miles, all towing boats and a motorcycle trailer. We never drive the truck, only to tow, so all it knows is towing. I tow an X55 and don't know its back there. I have the 4 door with the long bed, its a 4x4 as well, loaded. I believe the big 3 all have wonderful trucks, I am just a Ford guy. Built without any of our tax dollars, and they just look great. I think all the guys that have their favorites are using them on a daily basis for work and the like, we only tow toys, then its goes back in the garage clean and ready for the next lake trip. We tow in the mountains of Utah and the extreme heat of southern Utah, never had any issues. If you are looking at the F250, mine as well get the F350, you can usually get the same price if shopping hard, and the the extra weight limits are very nice. Good Luck with the truck, we love ours, its been amazing...
hope this helps.
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