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Stumped... 2006 X-30 Saltwater w/ 6.0 @ Altitude

Ladies and Gentletons-

I have been struggling now for over a year to find a suitable prop for my x-30 saltwater, 6.0 Crusader. I have been riding with a 14.25x14.50 and it is not cutting the butta. If I have any load, at all, the boat will not plain. RPMs increasing with speed only, no slipping. The engine seems to be running/sounding great.

I talked to the factory yesterday and they recommended a RH 13.17x17, because of the altitude?!!?

The boat shop swears this is a LH Drive?!. Scary. I ended up purchasing a OJ LH 14.25x14. It should be delivered tomorrow. I will post results.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a prop or potential solution? LH or RH Drive?

-Joey Lee
COS X-30
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