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I have been using a very cheap hyperlite since I started riding last august. At the begining of this season two of my friends bought their own boards. One is over 6' and 240lbs and he got a 146 ronix one with relik boots, the other guy is about 6' and 180lbs he has a 139 ronix ibex with relik boots. They let me ride their boards whenever I want, but both of them have bigger feet than I do so the boot don't fit me that well. The ibex works great for surface tricks and has great pop and the ronix one is the fastest board I have ridden. I am 5' 10" and 185lbs. So, I went and picked up a 142 ronix one and a set of last years cell boots in my size last week and after 2 days on the lake this weekend I can tell you that I love this board. I have always been able to clear the wakes with good air and do 180's on my heel-side but with this board I end up out in the flats if I cut hard, and I have never been able to clear the wakes on my toe-side until now. This board is going to make a better rider out of me for sure.

my 2 cents, Kevin
93' PS190
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