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You are not going to get rid of the chine spray. but a CNC prop will help your wake a bit. You have one of the best hulls for slalom wake period. The 91-94 PS190's are considered the best with the exception of the spray. for the Power Slot guys, both companies recommend 4 blades, for the 1:1 guys, they recommend 3 blades most of the time. Eric from OJ is a GREAT guy to deal with and will send you a prop or more for free to try until find the one that you like the best.
I am a OJ fan, but that's personal preference. Call OJ or Acme and talk to them about what you want from your boat and they will recommend a prop. Pick whomever you want. OJ's customer service is 10000% TOP NOTCH!!!

Also, wanted to add that with the 4 blade prop, my strongest pull across the wakes only pulls my speed down by about .2 mph, I love my OJ 4 blade!!!
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