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1994 Maristar 200 Speakers

I've been looking at a 1994 Maristar 200 that has been totally re-worked. To my surprise, however, I learned that it did not have a radio / cd player or speakers. Looking at pictures of the boat, there's a place on the dash with flip down cover for the stereo head unit to go. My problem is that there are no speakers on the boat! Is this normal? I just can't see spending this kind of money on a Mastercraft that doesn't even have a way to play a radio. I wouldn't mind putting in the stereo, but I was wondering if anyone out there has ever had to add speakers, cut them in, etc.? Is this possible? I wouldn't want to buy a $16,000 MC boat and have to play a battery powered radio out on the water - not cool! Just wanted to make sure I could do this before looking further at the boat. If any of you have experienced this, I'd love to hear your input. Thanks!
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