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Originally Posted by Boater_C View Post
Can't complain about Les Schwab tires, and they always have excellent service!
Sure, if by excellent service you mean installing three 215 and one 205 tires on my trailer, getting charged for new stems and balancing @ $81 which they didn't do, and having some kid jackknife my truck/camper combo into my X-Star and then lie about it to his boss saying I told him I loaned my boat to my brother-in-law and the damage happened then (My BiL lives in Germany, so that would be a nifty trick and the the chances of me loaning my boat out to anyone, well, there's just no chance of that -You guys know how silly that claim is). Sorry for the rant and not doubting your good experiences at LS Boater, but holy crap my most recent experience with them (last week) was un-f'n-believable.

Back on track now. Maxxis Maxxis Maxxis. Love them on my dirt bikes. Love them even more on my heavy race trailer. No opinion on the Greenball tires, but if available at your local Costco (and based on what I've heard here), sounds like they are definitely worth a look.
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