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Well i figured everyone knew it was prostar 205! I mean the coast guard sticker doesn't say X1 (i dont think) only 205V.

Originally Posted by Shooter McKevin View Post
Sorry Bagi,

Your pics are disqualified for not being Prostar or Skier. You didn't even try to say that it is a late late late model 205V. Cool history on your boat though. I'd love to know who the original owner of my boat was. I bought it from an ex-professional hockey player who I'm guessing put about 10 hrs on it from 2007-2008. He says he bought it from the original owner in Kelowna BC (Canada) who would have put 130 hrs on it from 2000-2007. He obviously didn't use it much but must have been into the sport a little to order a safe-t-top. Maybe a 2nd or 3rd boat to leave at the 2nd or 3rd lake house?

Reverse gel white and blue 2000 Prostar 190. Attachment 68692

I've always wished I took some pictures of it they day I brought it home, before I took the t-top off, but I didn't. I think a picture of it with the safe-t-top would make it fit the 'unique thread' better but I like that it is the color scheme of the 2000 'brochure boat'. This probably means it is less unique unfortunately.

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