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2001 X30 Loss of Power - Safe Mode?

Just bought a 2001 MC X30 with the MX LTR 5.7L engine. We took it out yesterday and it ran great for about 3-4 hours. Then it seemed as if some sort of Guardian Mode kicked in and would not let me rev above about 1500-2000 RPMs. I had to idle about a half mile back to the ramp and put it back on the trailer.

I went through many of the posts on here about fuel pump, fuel filter, vapor lock, water in the fuel etc and then ran across a thread about using the paperclip and check engine light to check the codes. I ran the test and all I can get out of it is a Code 12. I posted a vid of my testing if anyone can confirm my understanding of the light flashes of the Check Engine Light.

You can checkout the vid at

If anyone has other tips to help troubleshoot, I would love to hear them.

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