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Well since reading these replies i have put the battery back in it original place. However after getting the battery back in place and hooking everything up that is the least of my worries. The same problem of it not cranking came back. Here's what has happened so far. One week ago we were at the lake the first time the boat was turned off while on the water it wouldn't start up. I thought it was the batter so I replaced it and the ignition went from nothing to a click coming from the solenoid/starter. I replaced the solenoid and still no results. Finally I had the starter rebuilt(confirmed it was fried first) and we were good to go again. At the lake yesterday and it fired right up. First time it was turned off it was diffult to start back up. We assumed it was a lose connection. Today I replaced the neg/pos terminal connections and cleaned the wires. Now it won't crank. Voltage on the dash showed 12 volts and checking the battery with the voltmeter registered at 13 volts. I need some help to get me back on the water. Anybody have some suggestions for me. Thank you in advance.
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