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Here is my thought on that. Doubt the value will go up however, it will not depreciate as fast. People looking for a boat that is in its price range that can do the things the 205v hull can do is much larger than ones that can afford used anything else. Try and find a 205v hull model or even a CC 210 in the 20k - 35k range. They are not out there they get scooped up QUICK. I was told they are going to do a dressed down version of the X2 and make it their price point boat ala X1. I guess kind of like the Tige R20 and RZR. Same hull but one super blinged up with EVERYTHING and another basic. Mastercraft has zero desire to make boats for the average consumer which is fine. Pick your niche and run with it. If your average get a used boat after a 30% depreciation. IMHOP Axis has done a hell of a job now we have not seen what those boats will look like and run like in 3 to 5 years. So jury still out. I don't get dumping all the four point towers either. The power tower is expensive as hell. Did not know there was a non two point tower that MC makes. I don't blame them though tired of paying CC for the patent.

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I wonder if used X-1's will go up or down in value? One, I guess, could argue that they were great boats/hulls and they dont make them anymore (meaning go up in value) or they dont make that model anymore so it is "non-current" (meaning they go down in value) and thus becoming less poplular. Not familiar with the value history of great models/hulls that were discontinued.

Kind of shocked that they are dumping their entry level boat that is probably one of the best hulls ever to grace the water. Sure, it is relatively small but when weighted, it can sure throw an extremely nice wake and without weight, it can put a nice smile on a recreational skier.
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