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A couple of other things:

- If you ride where there is a current, you don't want the GPS based speed control.

- Compared to my old X-2, the X-25 is not as nimble. The 205V hull handles like a sports car. The X-25 doesn't initiate a turn as quickly and I'm still learning to turn earlier than I needed to with the X-2.

- It consumes more gas than the X-2. Same engine, MCX, but the X-25 is way heavier. On the plus side, it has a gas filler on both sides of the boat. Also, I discovered the Super Siphon, which makes putting gas in the boat much easier and less hassle.

- I can fit 9-10 people in the boat with ease. It swallows up people and gear.

- Though the boat is quite wide in the beam (102") the wake is not super wide (as the X-Star is). Yes, wider and rampier than my old X-2, but an easier wake to ride. Everyone I ride with loves it.
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