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New (to me) X2 ... and some questions...

The advance of the clock and the aging of the back has sent another Prostar 190 to the sales line… I can’t do the sort of morning skis I used to, and I got tired of dealing with two boats (the PS190 and a 24’ pontoon), so we’ve consolidated into one boat...

I just picked up a 2003 X2. 270 hours on the MCX (yeah!), all the normal features (zero flex, triple ballast, PerfectPass, tandem), as well as a bimini, lube pump, and really nice tower lights. $26,200, plus $350 in gas to pick it up, and the $110 speeding ticket I got on the way there…

The boat is in generally good shape – a few small tears in the vinyl, some dock rash, but a good ready-to-be-used boat. I do have a couple of questions for the masters of the Mastercraft world, though…

1 – The pumps. Wow, are they the slowest things on the planet? And they (it?) seem to only work one at a time? I’m sure there is an obvious upgrade – I’d love someone to point me to the right thread. Or, do I just upgrade the impellers in them?

2 – The rear tanks. They are the stock ones, and I’m sure within a month I’m going to want to be trying surfing, so should I just pull them and replace them with the largest bags that can fit (along with new pumps from #1 above)?

3 – The PerfectPass. I only got to spend a few minutes playing with it during the on-water test, but I already want to upgrade it to a Stargazer and not have to deal with all the calibration/beeping/etc. I’m (obviously with this boat) not running through the course, but wife-approval factor would seem to be even higher with the simplicity of Stargazer, but would it be total overkill?

4 – Anything else I should be looking at improving/replacing? This is likely my last “new” boat, so spending a few bucks now will provide years of return.

Thanks for any/all advice,

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