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Originally Posted by bigmac View Post
Lug nuts probably loosened up, sheared a lug followed by the rest.
big mac said it....

Many years ago I built main line cable tv. I was following the owner of the company I worked for and we were running down I-10 coming out of New Orleans the night before. (BTW that was the first time we had ever been to NO so needless to say we were WASTED that night so when this happened I was WAY HUNG OVER!) I had noticed 3 lugs gone on the left rear duals on the old ford 1 ton I was drive'n but we said, she'll be right and went on. Well we were about in Crowley LA, coming up on an over pass, running 80 mph, and the speedometer pegged. Scratched my head, tapped the brakes and then all heII broke out! The outside tire passed us and hit my bosses step at his drivers door and jumped over his hood! The inside tire started flipping end over end and went all the way across I-10 and ended up on the east bound side in the ditch! TALK ABOUT THE PUCKER FACTOR!!!! I had traffic stopped on the West bound side where we were and the East bound side!!! When I finally got the truck and trailer stopped I got out and kissed I-10 in front of all the stopped traffic!!!

It's not a good feeling when you loos a tire man! You're dang lucky this wasn't messy, well worse than it was I should say. ;-)
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