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wheel flys off

I had this happen but instead of going 55 i was going 70+ shot off like a cannon right through the fiberglass runners and flew in the air straight up I bet 30 feet. Never found tire and just gald no one behind me did not freak out and get hit. How did it happen? A few days before my brakes had been locked up so I took the tire off and got the brakes realesed by removing the calipers. I remembered afterwards I had only tighten the bolts up while the boat was not on the trailer and the tire would spin when i was trying to get them supper tight. In all the other packing I forgot to tighten before we left with the boat on to hold the tire steady. I took off from Fl headed back to NC with the boat and made it about 1 hour north of Orlando before it came off. I suspect one by one the nust got loose and the rim sheared each lug off till it came off. I learned a valuable lesson. I never head very far with my trailer without a full check of of the tires and the lug nuts. I believe your lug nuts were lose and the same thing happened.
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