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Originally Posted by shepherd View Post
I almost ran over 6+ ft rattlesnake swimming across our lake last summer. I was on my ski. Luckily, I was only free-skiing behind the boat (rare for me) and was looking ahead and saw it in time to swerve away from it. The boat missed it by a couple feet.

A few years ago, we had to do some repair work on a section of the slalom course. When we pulled up the pvc pipe to replace a buoy, we found a small (about 6') dead alligator wrapped up in the course wires. It apparently hit the cable when it was swimming around, panicked, thrashed around and got tangled up in the cables and drowned.
Now thats funny Shep!
I saw a rattle snake so big during a flood at our camp that I actually thought it was a small gator swimming along! This guy was HUGE!
Hitting a fish on a hydrofoil is NO fun! Faceplant city!
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