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went fishing last night

No… I really did. Here’s the story:

So leave work around 5 to put the boat in for the brad paisley/blake Shelton concert at riverbend (which was awesome btw). People show up, and we head off to do a little riding before the concert. Roommate (craftless) finally figures out how to blow into the flats… so we’re all having a good time watching him trying to land it. And then it happens:

As I’m pulling around to pick him up, glance ahead of us, don’t see anything. Look back, put the boat in idle and what washes to the surface from the prop wash… a fish! Kinda laughed about it at first and just continued riding. Then I’m wondering today… how often to people hit fish with their props?

Gat gum fish rite der gunna be dinnar!!!!
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