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Originally Posted by shepherd View Post
Politician vs. CEO for president? I'd expect a politician to be more successful. A CEO is used to running things his own way and having his orders followed without question. A president has to be able to compromise and cooperate with Congress to get important legislation passed. While the president does have a lot of unilateral authority in running the executive agencies (e.g., NLRB -- been following the Boeing case?), even those agencies have to operate within the limits placed on them by Congress.

I'd rather vote for a politician who shares the same political viewpoints as me (fiscal conservative, libertarian), AND will also have the ability to work with Congress, dems and reps.
Great points but I would argue that a CEO that has to deal with a board of directors has less weight in the negotiations than a president and has to appeal more to logical progressions than the mandates and orders you have suggested because they are forced to negotiation directly with their bosses. Furthermore politicians have a cultivated narcissism that would not be tolerated in the corporate world.
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