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I have to agree with everyone... Dr. Ron Paul is my number two guy but Herman Cain is my favorite partly because he does not have the political experience. He was on Neal Bortz radio show yesterday before the debate talking about the fact that he had no political experience and that he was going to treat the presidency as if he was the CEO of the country. If this logical approach is adopted by the white house imagine the possibilities furthermore it should be mentioned that I think Herman has a better chance of beating Obama and that is what I REALLY WANT TO SEE. As far as the debate went last night I think Dr. Ron Paul won it in my eyes. His answers were more concise, easier to follow, more logical, and most of all more to the point than some of his counterparts you took it as an opportunity to spout their predetermined rhetoric. He also received a lot more time than Herman Cain who apparently nailed the first debate in SC which I missed.
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