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i dont know if I just had luck or what but it worked for me on my 08's what I did..i found that I could only do one pump at a time

turn battery switch to off position
make sure pumps are unplugged
disconnect both batteries and let sit for 30 seconds
reconnect batteries
turn battery switch on
cycle pump switch fill-off-drain-off 5 times(the switch will light up the first 3 times then turn off- you will know you are in program mode once the switch lights back up and starts flashing)
once in program mode move switch from off to fill to increase time and count the number of flashes-keep doing this until you get amt of flashes you want-i went to 16
stay in off position for a while(10 sec+) when you have got the correct number of flashes
I then swtiched to drain then back to off to complete the programming.

worked for me hope it does for you
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