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Originally Posted by Luv2Ski View Post
Curious what you needed a custom tool for. I don't recall making any custom tools last time, but I may have put something together. How fast the mind forgets.....
As outlined in the service manual:

The first tool is used to hold the gear set up while you place the housing over it. It is used to hold the gear set at a correct assembly location while you press the rear main bearing on. The service manual gave the size of the tool so I just made one.

I did make a second tool, it's used to press the bearing onto the main shaft. Rather then just using a large socket and only pressing the bearing on at either the outside lip or the inside lip you press it on with equal pressure from both.

As you can see in the second photo the case drops over the main shaft and then the bearing is pressed on.

I had read about some failures from pressing the bearing on upside down. IE placing arbors on your press legs, then bearing, then case and then pressing the main shaft into the case and onto the bearing. Figured I'd do it like the manual instructed.

I had taken tons of photos of my rebuild and had intended on doing a write up on it but I was very new to the site and ended up not doing it.

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