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Originally Posted by afkvrts View Post
Ive seen it happen on a fishing boat.

The lugs were rusty and when we hit a bad pot hole in the asphalt at 55 mph - the freaking wheel came off.

Sucked - cause it was a single axle trailer and we were forced to call a tow truck
Same thing happened to be on a long road trip. I had repacked my bearings on the single axle trailer before we left and I checked the torque on the lug nuts several times during the trip. I hit a massive pot hole about 50 miles from my destination and about 5 minutes later the whole wheel flew across the road right in front of a state trooper (and I was speeding at the time). The trooper found my wheel/tire and didn't write me up, I guess he felt sorry for me. Two of my studs had obvious old rusty cracks in them and the pot hole finished them off. I had an extra spindle and jack with me so I was back on the road in a few minutes with a messed up trailer fender.
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