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Originally Posted by jpcarter View Post

I need to replace the forward bilge pump on my '07 X2. The wires are accessible for about 12-15" coming off the pump through center access port in the center of my cabin floor.

1) Do I cut and splice in the new pump's wires there, or is there a better position for the splices somewhere I haven't seen?
2) Recommendations on waterproofing the splices?
3) Should I replace it with the same model? (Rule-Mate 750)

Using the same model will make it easier to make sure the pump will fit. Do you have the submersible kind, or the one that has a black "wing" at the top and comes out as a cartridge?

Cut the wires at the same place as the OEM installation. You don't want two splice points in the wires because that increases the chance that it will fail. If you don't expect to need more terminals like this, go to NAPA- they have butt splices that are crimped and then heated, causing the sealant to ooze out.

Have you connected the pump directly to a battery, to make sure it's the pump and not the wiring that caused it to stop working?
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