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Hey Peter,

Let me ask a question, or kind of a follow up I was having with my local tire dealer(he's an old door gunner from Nam so I support him).

When I was getting my Carlisle put on my 06, replacing the Marathons he asked my why I getting the done. The Marathons had a ton of tread on them. But I blew one out not more then 20 miles into my drive home last Oct. I told him that I've read so many bad things about the tires I just can't see taking a chance on it. He told me the failure rate on the Marathons was no greater then most trailer tires and explained the reason we see such a high rate was because of the amount of Marathons on the road. IE if you have 20 thousand Greenballs and 10 million Marathons you'll see more failures even if its only .1 % of the Marathons going bad.

I figure you can make anything work with numbers but told him to replace them anyway. There's just been too many boat owners here that have had the same issue. I in fact check the air pressure within 2 miles of my pick up point before getting on the hwy but still lost a tire within 20 miles of heading home. None of the tires had dry-rot on them.

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