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Looks good. Is it a 4 vent heater? Looked like you still had one more spot to hook up a hose. Mine came with a 2 vent installed and adding at least one more vent would be nice. The back wall of the drivers kick panel is much cleaner in your boat than mine. I'll got tons of wires, terminal blocks, ECU, Perfect Pass modules mounted all over that thing. I was considering adding a second sub where yours is mounted in the drivers kick paned, but I didn't want to have to try and move all of that crap out of the way. I was fishing some wiring through that area last year when I added my eq and I could barely reach my heater, much less trying to connect hoses or wiring to it. I know it would make for a pretty miserable couple of hours to try and add a bigger heater cramming myself down into that compartment.
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